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Believer's Page
Believer's Page
I'm a Believer
Hello, hilo, highlow, bonjour, hola, hi, hey, heylo, and what's up! Welcome to Believer's Web Page of Fun! I'm updating! Yae! I never update, so be very very thankful that I am now. :-) Anyways....cheese is like butter only different. But you already knew that, didn't you? I thought so. ::nods wisely:: Beaver knows all. Okay, well, maybe not ALL, but most. Alright, not even *most*. Just a bit. A very little bit. What was I talking about? Hmmmm... ::overheats her head trying to remember:: ::shrugs:: Ah, well. No matter. If you wish to continue reading my nonsensical ramblings, then just scroll on down!

Cheese is like Butter only different!
Yup, folks. That's right. Cheese is like Butter only different!!! I mean, even Pigeon knows that. Isn't that right Pigeon? ::Pigeon hides from the HTML in her plot hole:: Well, yes. As another note, paenut butter is peanut butter's evil twin. Look out!

Some things are true whether you believe in them or not...
Aliens. They exist. Just ask Mulder and/or Scully. Actually, don't ask Scully. You know her and her scientific theories. Sheesh, when will she learn that Mulder is right?! Anyhoo and however, I took out the fingers because, well...I felt like it. So Nya! Yup yup yoop! YODA! ::ducks away from a certain stampeding armadillo that rushes at the name Yoda:: Um, yees. And noo? Well, cookies. Hum. Hum hum hum! Dee dum! What to say, what to say? Anyways, be sure to check out our newest Weirdo poll: For One Thousand Dollars? Cookies, byers! :-)

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