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Re: The CDM formerly known as Lost!
Sunday, 05-Dec-1999 20:30:23 writes:

    Dorothy Believer: Stop!

    ::The Author stops singing and the world exists again::

    TJ: Hey, we're not in Oz anymore!

    STCA: Speak like Yoda do I? Speak like Yoda I do!!

    Author: What the...hey! Give me back my keyboard!!!

    ::Believer the keyboard stealer wrestles the author for the keyboard::

    Sidney: Perhaps invite him to our par-tay we should? Leave us alone then would he?

    Author: Never! I will dedicate my life to making you weirdos miserable!

    ::Suddenly Krycek shows up, holding the spork. Following him is Yoda, carrying the Participle::

    Sidney: Yoda! Come to save us have you??

    Yoda: Come to join the par-tay I have, yes.

    Jahar: We can't have the par-tay until we get rid of the awful author!

    Believer: What are YOU doing here, Rat Boy?, Krycek: I'm here to save you!

    Believer: But you just vowed to destroy us!

    Krycek: No I didn't!

    Believer: Yeah you did.

    Krycek: No, I didn't.

    Author: Would you two please quit it?!

    Pigeon: Wow....there's a my SHOE!!!!! OHMIGOD!!!! THRERE'S A NOODLE IN MY SHOE!!!!!!

    Jahar: Yeah, well, if an otter crosses the road on a Saturday afternoon, it's because he knows that the price of tomatoes in China is different from MadTV's theme song!

    Believer: Trust no one, the truth is out there, i want to believe, resist or serve, believe the lie, apology is policy, everything dies, amor fati--

    Author: Enough!!!!! I give up! You people are too weird! I'm leaving. But just you wait until that par-tay...::e-vil laugh::

    Sidney: A good riddance that was.

    Jahar: Now, on to our par-tay!

    ::The whole group, incluing Krycek unfortunately, use the spork and participle combined to go back to the CDM arena, where they find...::

Well then, amusing, isn't it? (dontcha love Ohioan dialect?) I'll shut up now and send you to the next addition...