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Celebrity Death Match Round 1

Believer: And we're back!

Jahar9: *rubs her head* Darn bed. I'm still mad at that thing.

Sidney: Because you got no sleep is it?

Jahar9: No, because it's using my Little Mermaid quilt!

Sidney: *gives a Vulcan eyebrow* Fascinating.

Believer: Uh-oh. She's been watching Star Trek.

Sidney: *grins* Nope, just aggravates Mattie it does.

Mattie: *from back inside Sidney's head* I heard that!

Jahar9: Hey, how'd she get out of Mr. Gobbler?

Sidney: *sighs* Used the Participle I did to get her out. Boring it gets at parties in my head if there she is not.

Mattie: *telepathically sticks her tongue out at everyone*

Jahar9: *goes to take it out*

Mattie: *growls*

Believer: Could we quit it with the *'s and get on with this match?????

Sidney: Right. An interesting match we have today. The last round of all of our CelebrityDeath Matches it is.

Belever: *whines* Does that mean no more Mulder?

Mulder: Not if you have anything to do with it.

Believer: *smiles brightly* Yuppers!

Jahar9: That's my word!

Sidney: *ignoring them* Today between the Mighty Morphin Potty Trainers and the cast of Animorphs is the match!

MMPR chick in pink: Power Rangers!!! Not Potty Trainers! Do you want me to come over there and smash your skull in?

Sidney: *Mattie growls* A little eager she is. Beat her I could easily with the Participle.

Jahar9: Save it for after this match, Sidney. And keep Mattie in there!

Sidney: Good she will be. Otherwise, let her talk to Jason I will not for a long time.


Sidney: Mattie....

Mattie: Humph!

Believer: ANYWAY, on to the round. But first, we need our last, specialest Mystery Refferee!

Jahar9: I wonder who this could be.

Sidney: Yoda?

All but Sidney and Yoda: NO!!!

Yoda: Unloved I feel, yes!

Sidney: Understand you they do not, Yoda.

Yoda: Mmmm.

Sidney: Mmmm, yes.

Pigeon: Mmmm!Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

*Yoda wacks Pigeon on the head with the script of Monty Python and the Quest for theHoly Grail*

Pigeon: Bring out yer dead! Ni! Knnnnnnnnniggits!

Sidney: Quoting from Monty Python she is.

Pigeon: Yoda-flavored English knnnnnnnnnnniggits!

*Yoda wacks Pigeon again on the head, this time with a handful of Venetian blinds. Taking that to be the bell, the two teams start going after each other.*

Jahar9: Stop! No! We haven't introduced the mystery ref yet!


Jahar9: Ummm... thanks, Rachel.

Jahar9: Wow, this is looking violent already.

Believer: Anyhoo and however, our mystery reff is.....the Paranoid Android!.

Sidney: Don't forget, his name is Marvin. Marvin the Paranoid Android. He's always in a very, very bad mood.

Marvin: Gee thanks for that introduction.

Jahar9: Annnnnnddddddroiiiiid! Paranoid Android! Ha hahahahahahahhahahash!

Believer: Ha ha hash?

Jahar9: *singing* I think I'm paranoid! Da da dadadadadadada! I think I'm paranoid.

Marvin: Shut up you singing bafoon.

Jahar9: Do you mean baboon? *giggles*

Believer: OK, who drugged Jahar?

Jahar9: He he ha ha ho ho.

Marvin: Do you really expect me to referee this huge match by myself?

Sidney: Help do you have?

Marvin: How about my nephew?

Believer: Who's that.

Marvin: Erek.

Jahar9: Erek the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

Believer: Cheese is like butter only different.

Marvin: That's wonderful. *under his breath* Odd people, these are all oddd people...

Sidney: Erek, the real Erek?

*Erek falls through the hole in the roof left by Jahar's chair*

Erek: Ugh! Teaches me to help the Animorphs.

Rachel/Brooke: Hey!

Erek: Oops, sorry.

Believer: Hey, I've got a question, besides who drugged Jahar9. Is Alpha5 in the fight too?

Sidney: Know that not would I. Busy choking on my Coke I am from laughter.

Believer: At what?

Sidney: Not sure am I.

Jahar9: Eeeeeeeee has 9 e's.

Pigeon: And rrrrrrrrr has 9 r's.

Jahar9: You'reeeeeeeee righteeeeeeeee!

Sidney: Ummm... Believer? I think we have to do something with this girl. She's acting worse than Pigeon.

Believer: Yeah.

Jahar9: Alpha5! Alpha5.5!

*Believer and Sidney drag Jahar into an empty closet and leave her there with some waterand a straight jacket.*

Sidney: Thought I did that about time it was to get one of those.

Jahar9: *from closet* Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 999999999!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!

Sidney: Obsessed that girl is with the #9.

Believer: At least it's not 1013.

Pigeon: Or 3.

Jahar9: Threeeeeeeee is theeeeeeeee squareeeeeeeee root of nineeeeeeeee.

Sidney: Or 23.

Harpo: *Honk!*

Sidney: I know, I know. Give you some butter for saying 23. *shoves butter in her head*

Believer: That had to be... weird.

Marvin: Hey, would you people give that girl something to eat? She's depressing me even more.

Sidney: *mutters* Oh, yeah, and THAT's a first.

Believer: *gets some bread and puts it in the closet for Jahar* There ya go.

Sidney: Plain bread? Give her some butter!

Believer: As long as it wasn't in your head.

Sidney: *puts butter in the closet* It wasn't. I think.

Jahar9: Cheeeeeeeeese eeeeeeeees likeeeeeeeee butteeeeeeeeer onlydiffeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeent!

Believer: Cut that out!

Erek: So anyway, who drugged her?

Sidney: A motive no one has.

Believer: We have the motive, we have the culprit.

Sidney: Love it I do when she gets all smart and logical-like.

Believer: Oh, be quiet. We need a new commentator!

Sidney: Get could we who on suchly short notice?

Believer: *looks at Marvin*

Marvin: Oh, no. You're out of your mind.

Sidney: Obvious that should be. Make a good Riker would you.

Believer: You HAVE been watching Star Trek!

Sidney: Rrrrrrrrr.........

Jahar9: Rrrrrrrrr......... has 9 r's!

Believer: Thank you for that wonderful deduction.

Sidney: Commentate with us can who? Help we need!

Dean Cain: *flys in* Someone call for help?

Believer: Not you again.

Sidney: Help commentate the match would you?

Dean Cain: Would I ever! Yippy Skippy!

Believer: Yippy Skippy La De Do Da Day!

Marvin: Strange people. Strange, strange people.

Jahar9: Strange strange strange strange strange strange strange strange strange!!!!!!!!!

Believer: So, who could've drugged Jahar?

*Meanwhile, the Potty Trainers and the AniTV cast are... you got it, clipping their toenails. Suddenly...*

Jahar9: Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it! Pigeon did it!

Believer: I think she's trying to tell us something.

Sidney: Nine times.

Pigeon: Not mee! Not mee! I've been framed!

Sidney: Yeah, why would Pigeon drug Jahar?

Believer: To make people think her name is Gladice?

All: Hmmmmmmmmm.

Sidney: Nah, I don't buy it.

Ruthelford: Well, you could buy a whole set of limited edition whale action figures. Save the whales, collect the whole set!

*Yoda throws shoes at Ruthelford and he leaves.*

Pigeon: I bet it was Ruthelford!

Alex Treveck: NO betting!

Sidney: Whoa, flashback.

Believer: No, deja vu!

Sidney: Hey! Know who it was I do! Believer it was!

Believer: I don't think so! It was you! I've been here longer!

Sidney: Exactly!

Believer: Huh?

Rachel/Brooke: They did it! It was the Potty Trainers!

Pink MMPT: Yeah, right! It was you all, you little morphing freaks!

Rachel/Brooke: Who are you calling a morphing freak? Look in the mirror!

*Pigeon bonks herself on the head and the two teams start fighting, with no one commentating but Dean Cain.*

Dean Cain: Wow! This is fun! Okay, the pink one and the blonde are really going at it! The blonde...

Sidney: Rachel her name is! *goes back to arguing with Believer*

Dean Cain: Okay, Rachel is starting to... whoa! She's changing into an elephant! The ones who aren't in suits...

Believer: Animorphs! *goes back to arguing with Sidney*

Dean Cain: Okay, the Animorphs are all changing! Now, there's a tiger, an elephant, a wolf, a gorilla, and... whoa, what is that thing?

Ax: My name is Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil. Actually, it's Paulo Costanso. But that's who I play. Geez, for being Superman you don't get out much, do you? A commentator should know what he's talking -

Dean Cain: Ouch! That had to hurt.

Sidney: Believer, call a truce can we? Drugged Jahar did neither of us, and ruining the round is this guy!

Believer: I agree, we don't even know how Ax got hurt.

John Travolta (sound byte from Face Off - Nicholas Cage is sooooooooo cute!): "Hehehe hahaa... Wheeeee! Haha! What a predicament! Hehehehehaha!"

Sidney: Right you have that.

*Suddenly all butter breaks loose when the Weirdo alarms start sounding*

Believer: OK, who let John Travolta in here?

*Jahar9 kicks the door off the closet*

Jahar9: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 9 ha's for 9 times the fun. Mwhahahahahahahahaha.

Sidney: ho-hu.

Believer: Are you speaking Japanese again?

Sidney: NO, Uh-oh that is backwards.

Believer: Ohhhhhh.

Jahar9: Ohhhhhhhhh has 9 h's.

Sidney: That's nice Jahar, now go back to your closet while we argue over who drugged you.

Jahar9: Oooooooookkkkkkkkk. *Jahar9 quietly goes back into her closet, locks the door, and begins to sing "Yankee Doodle"*

Pigeon: Eeeeeeeeet wuz Deeeeeeeeean Caine.

Sidney: Pigeon, belong you do in a closet too!

*Pigeon disappears into her plot hole and begins to ponder the meaning of life - 42.*

Sidney: Now, as I was saying, I think that Pat Sajak did it!

Believer: You mean the wheel of fortune guy?

Sidney: Yep, him that is.

Believer: Why would he do that?

Sidney: Because got hurt Ax did when Rachel stepped on his foot.

Believer: That would make Pat Sajak drug Jahar? Sorry Sidney, but that makes absolutely no sense.

*The Ellimist freezes time, and suddenly, Erek malfunctions and starts spinning around in circles spraying sparks like a lawn sprinkler even though time is frozen.*

Believer: Wow, I always wondered what it was like to be frozen in time.

Sidney: But we aren't frozen in time, can't you see?

Believer: Hey, why'd you quit that Yoda-Speak?

Sidney: Know I do not why I did. But anyway, frozen we are not, only the cast of AniTV, The Potty Trainers, and the Audience are.

Believer: How weirdo.

Ellimist: You bet.

Alex Trebek: NO betting allowed.

*The Ellimist promptly freezes Alex Trebek in time*

Believer: Alrighty Ellimish, lets cut to the cheese.

Pigeon: Cut the cheese!!!!

*The Ellimist freezes Pigeon in time, but only after Yoda whacks her over the head with a hexagon*

Sidney: Here why are you?

Ellimist: I am her to give you a messagfhurghumph.

Author: The keyboard is mightier than the all-powerful being.

*The Ellimist tries to freeze the Author*

Author: Nuh uh-uh. Nopeee.

Jahar9: Nopeeeeeeeee has 9 e's.

*The Ellimist and the Author get into a fight over who's more powerful*

Believer: One of the Animorphs is having personal doubts. Hey, I didn't say that.

Author: Mwahahahahhahaha! Beat that Elli.

Sidney: Elli? Elli? You called the Ellimist Elli? Oh armadillo burgers, they're messing with us again, aren't they Believer?

Believer: ::singing:: I like soup, and I like ice cream sandwiches too. I like fish sticks, but I love you. You don't believe me. You say all I think about's myself. Well lemme explain. Don't walk away.

Sidney: Harumph, they're making you sing? Or are you doing that yourself?

Believer: Make them stoppppppppp!

Ellimist: See, I can mess with them better than you.

Author: But I can control what you do!

Ellimist: Aw veggies, got me there. Try another time Gus?

Believer: The author's name is Gus?

Sidney: No, the Ellimist calls everyone that.

Ellimist: You've got that right, Gus.

Author: OK, see ya later Gus.

*The Author vanishes from the story, and the Ellimist procedes to tell Believer and Sidney who drugged Jahar9 and how, and why.......*

Ellimist: Okay, do you really want to know who drugged Jahar and why and how? With butter and cheese? Hmmmmm...what was I saying? Oh yeah. Jahar. Right-o. Wrong-o. Laaaaaaaaa! So do you?

Believer: No.

Sidney: No.

Jahar: Nooooooooo has 9 n's!!!

Believer: Oh, for goodness sake, YES! Tell us, and tells us how to get her well!

Sidney: Well she has never been.

Believer: Touche.

Jahar: Laaaaaaaaa! 999999999!!!!!!!!!

Ellimist: Well, if you must know...

Pigeon: Nope diddly opers of dope!

Ellimist: It was...

oooh, suspense....

Can you guess?

That's right! It was the Spam maker-company thing! Jahar ate Spam, that's the drug! See, you should NEVER eat Spam. Believe me.

Believer: I want to believe.

Mulder: Trust no one.

Sidney: Oh no, not this again.

~Sidney locks Mulder and Believer in a closet to argue over X-Files tag lines.~

Mulder: Ahhhhhhhhhh, get off of me! Get away! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Believer: Hehehe...thanks, Sidney! Alone in a dark closet with Mulder...yummmmm...

Sidney: Now myself I only have! Reverse the process how do we, mmmmmm?

Ellimist: That, my dear mortal butter, is up to you...

~With that, the Ellimist vanishes into Believer's left nostril, and promptly begins singing the Oscar Mayer weiner song and doing the chicken dance.~

Sidney: *begins to pace around the arena* Oh goodness goodness gracious, what IS an armadillo to do? Well, at least I don't have to Yoda-speak for now, no one's around to annoy. Hey, Author! Help me out here! *waits for a reply, but the Author remains silent* C'mon! Author, help me out! *again, silence meets her fleas. I mean pleas* All right, all right. GUS!

Author: *appears in a cloud of butter* You rang?

Sidney: No, I called. How do I unfreeze time? Everyone's frozen or locked in a closet. What am I supposed to do?

Author: How am I supposed to know? Who do you think I am, Luke Skywalker? What do you think this is, the Oprah show? What do you think I'm made of, cheese?

Sidney: Yes.

Author: Drat, foiled again. And I don't mean that in a cheesy-buttery way. Okay, okay, here's what you do... you start by

Jahar9: *singing very loudly* I'm a pepper, you're a pepper..

Author: then you....

Jahar9: They Joy of Cola-aaaaaaaa!

Author: And that should take care of it.

Sidney: *Looking very confused* Umm, OK, so all I have to do is...

*Jahar begins to Yodel*

Author: Exactly.

Sidney: OK, bye Gus.

Believer: *from the closet* Mulder! You smell like...

Jahar9: George, George, George of the jungle, strong as he can be!

Mulder: Watch out for that tree!

Sidney: What tree?

*Scully runs in, and a tree drops in front of her. She runs into it, and fall unconscious, while the X-Files theme music starts playing out of nowhere.*

Believer: The expert debunker, debunked.

Jahar9: "I'm just crazyyyyyyyyy, just like you. I don't need a rubber room but, that might be nice. I'm not a manic-depressed, paranoid scitzophrenic, so I don't need your advise. I'm just crazyyyyyyyyy, just like you."

*Mulder kicks down the closet door*

Author: Cummon, like I'd leave you two in there?

Jahar9: I want totally free stuff! Where can I get it? How much does it cost?

Believer: Hey Sidney, do you know how to unfreeze time?

Sidney: Know I do. You just...

Jahar9: *still singing* "Born to shimmer, I'm born to shine. Born to radiate."

Believer: Ohhhhhhhhh.

Sidney: Yupperoos. All that is is it.

Author: Don't you people see? Jahar is radioactive. Are you people dim or something?

*Yoda whacks the author with a...hey, Author says no*

Jahar9: "You can be Yoda Ono. You can follow me where ever I go."

Believer: Isn't it Yoko Ono?

Author: Arthritis, I've got arthritis.

Sidney: Has rabies the author doez!

Believer: Doez?

Mulder: Doez?

Scully: Doez! Doezdoezdoez!

Mulder: Did someone drug Scully too?

Jahar9: Beware the Penguins.

Believer: They're drunk?

Sidney: Said that did who? And how can a tree make Scully drunk?

Jahar9: Zippedy do da, zippo-de day.

*Suddenly Jahar morphs into the Purple Power Ranger, Scully morphs into the Mango Ranger, and time unfreezes*

Author: There, now I'm sure AniTV will vanish.

Believer: But rememeber, anything can happen in W.E.I.R.D.O. Celebrity Deathmatches!

Author: Ah, but you won't let your friends die now will you?......

Sidney: Of course let them die we will not! In their contract it isn't.

Believer: They have contracts?

Sidney: Shh! Know they don't you do, know they don't I do, but know they don't the author doez not!

Author: I heard that! And doez is not a word!

Sidney: No, but soonly is!

Believer: I think I liked it better when the author was out of the story.

Author: Oh, be quiet and commentate the match!

Sidney: Then quiet she would not be anyway.

Author: Rrrrrrrrr.........

Jahar9: *strikes a pose* Has 9 r's!

Scully: *strikes a pose* I am *strikes a pose* the Mango Ranger and *strikes a pose* I will *strikes a pose* destroy you all!

Jahar9: *strikes a pose* Meeeeeeeee tooooooooo!

Ax/Paulo: Gimme a break!

Jahar9: *sings again* Gimme a break! Gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

Sidney: Hey, leave poor Kat alone you should!

Kat: *appears out of plot hole* Yeah, how would you like it if someone wanted to break a piece of you off?

Jahar9: Cheeeeeeeeese is like buttttttttter only diffffffffferennnnnnnnnt!

Believer: Hey! Cut that out!

*the cast of AniTV attacks the MMPT and kills them all, including poor Jahar and Scully*

Jake/Shawn: We won!

Rachel/Brooke: Duh. I was fighting, remember?

Marco/Boris: Yay! We won!

Cassie/Nadia: I just wish we hadn't had to kill them...

Ax/Paulo: Kill. That is an interesting word. Kill. Kkk. ill. illlllllll.........

Believer: *sniff* Has 9 l's... *starts to blubber that Jahar's gone*

Sidney: Gone she cannot be permanently! The Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch this is!

Mulder: Scully? She can come back?

Believer: Ummm... I don't know about THAT, necessairily...

Sidney: Believer!

Believer: Okay, okay, both of them. Now, how do we do this?

Sidney: Simple. *Sidney and Believer get in a huddle for a few moments, whispering heatedly*

Believer: 23! 9! 1013! 5 million 8 hundred thousand and 2! Hike! *Believer and Sidney get out of the huddle*

Mulder: Hike?

Sidney: Hike! Hikehikehike!

Believer: Oh, great, now SHE's on drugs! Does this mean I have to do this by myself? Thanks a lot, Author!

Author: I told you, my name's Gus!

*Believer and Mulder pace back and forth while Sidney, adorned with her new, stylish straight jacket, babbles incoherently*

Believer: What to do what to do.

Mulder: What-to-do...

Believer: Reincarnation?

Mulder: Elvis?

Believer: Elvis? What would Elvis do for us?

Mulder: He lives.

Believer: But Scully and Jahar don't.

Mulder: Don't remind me.

Sidney: Me me! Instant Me! Me of the Instant kind! Instant me, instant me!

Believer: Minimized Instant Message?

Mulder: What the heck is an Instant Me?

Believer: Instant You? *looks excited*

Mulder: NO, I mean Instant me.

Believer: That's what I said, instant you.

Mulder: It's Instant Me! What is Instant Me?

Believer: What's instant you?

Sidney: Instant Me! Instant Me! Me me me me me me me!

Believer: Ooooo-K. What, pray tell, is an intstant me?

Sidney: A me of the instant kind.

Mulder: What would one look like?

*Believer picks a little cookie-like disk thing up off Jahar's Power Ranger outfit and shows it to Sidney*

Believer: Would it look like this?

*Sidney gives no responce, and seems to be vacationing in her mind, again*

Mulder: Hmm.

*Mulder pulls the disk thing off of Scully's outfit and pushes the big red button in the middle, and Believer does the same. The disks begin to glow, and Jahar and Scully disappear*

Believer: Now what?

Sidney: *Who is now obviously out of her drug-induced stupor and her straight jacket* Wait we shall.

Mulder: Done this before have you? Err.. Yeesh, they're rubbing off on me. This can't be good.

Sidney: Nope nope.

*Believer and Mulder begin to pace again*

Sidney: Stop that would you! Hypnotising that is!

Believer: OK

*Believer and Mulder stop pacing*

(4 1/2 hours later, Mulder, Believer, and Sidney are playing a game of "World Domination")

Sidney: Ha! I win! Yugoslavia is mine!

Mulder: But I have Beligium!

Sidney: That doesn't make a difference, I win!

Believer: Umm, Sidney, what about China?

Sidney: Mine now!

(1 hour later than that)

*Suddenly a Mango streak of light enters the Weirdo arena, followed by a Purple one*

Sidney: Is that them?

Believer: Jahar's back?!

Mulder: Scully's back?!

*Jahar and Scully stand there in their Power Ranger uniforms while Believer, Mulder, and Sidney dance around and hug each other*

Sidney: A second you should wait! What if still brainwashed they are?

Jahar9: *laughing a little* Nope, I'm not brainwashed. I don't think.....

Believer: Hmm. *walks around Jahar once* Hmm. *wrinkles her nose* Hmm.

Sidney: Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Mulder: Is she all right?

Sidney: *smiles* Nope!

Jahar9: What, Believer? What? What is it?

Believer: I'm trying to figure out if you're still brainwashed.

Pigeon: Brainwashed! Brain! Washed! Shed! Wa-shed! Ssssssssshhhhhhhhh!!!! Washed is a fun word to say.

Ax/Paulo: Wheeeeeeeee! Wassssssssshhhhhhhhhed!

*Pigeon and Ax/Paulo play with mouth sounds and annoy everyone so much that they're stuffed into a closet with Jahar's leftover bread and butter.*

Brooke/Rachel: Can I kill them?

Shawn/Jake: No!

Brooke/Rachel: Party pooper.

*Pigeon and Ax start playing with the word "pooper"*

Sidney: Concern me doez one more thing.

Author: Does, not doez!!!

Sidney: *ignores Gus* Who drugged us?

Jahar9: *thinking so hard steam comes out of her ears* Gus maybe?

Author: I did no suchly thing!

Sidney: Suchly!

Believer: Hey, could it be...

Scully: I think it was...

Mulder: I'm sure it was...

Jahar9: Yeah, it was...

Sidney: Right you are...

Pigeon and Ax: Wuz! Wa, wa! Zzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

All: Boris Cabrera!

Marco/Boris: *squeaks* Eek! Me?

Jahar9: We're better actresses than you! So you drugged us!

All: YEAH!

Marco/Boris: But... but that can't be, I don't have any drugs!

Mulder: *pulls a pack of crack out of Boris's pocket* Like this?

Jahar9: Crack kills!

Believer: So, let me get this straight. The final Celebrity DeathMatch round is over, Jahar and Scully are alive again, and we know who drugged Jahar, Scully, and Sidney. What's next?

*Jahar9 starts to cry*

Jahar9: Whaaaa! I don't want it to be all over, we'll have to go back to being normal weirdos!

Believer: Is that an oxymoron?

Jahar9: Foof!

Sidney: Yes Lolo?

Jahar9: Rrrrrrrrrr......... has 1 big R, 9 little one, and 9 .'s!

Sidney: That it doez.

Mulder: Normal weirdos, humph!

Jahar9: Ha! We don't have to end it now! We can use the instant me's to bring back the other Mighty Morphine Potty Trainers to fight again because of Author interference!

Believer: Yup yup!

Sidney: Work that will!

*The three weirdos go over the the dead Power Rangers and activate the Instant Me's*

Sidney: Now, what to do with the next three hours.

*Mulder, Scully, Sidney, Believer, Jahar9, Pigeon, and the cast of AniTv all sit down and ponder this preposterous predicament*.........

Believer: I know!! Let's have a par-tay!

Jahar: A par-tay? Is that a part with a tay in it?

Pigeon: We can invite NorZacIsTay!

Sidney: Both of them!

Believer: Okay, let's make a list of who we're going to invite. Let's see...there's Believer, Jahar, Pigeon, Sidney, Pokemon Killer, Mulder, Scully, the Syndicate--

Jahar: Wait! Don't invite the Syndicate! They ruin all the par-tays with all the guns and smoking and aliens. Not to mention that they don't like the number nineeeeeeeee! Nineeeeeeeee has nine E's!!!!!!!!!

Believer: Okie dokey pokey smokey. No Syndicated TV shows.

Sidney: So, then also invite we must Yoda, BNL, Alex Trebek, Ani-TV cast, the actual Animorphs, NorZacIsTay--

Mulder: Which one? Not the cow...

Sidney: Worry you must not. A deathmatch this is not. A par-tay it is. Sit on you the cow will not.

Mulder: Well...okie dokey!

Believer: Pokey smokey!

Author: Aren't you forgetting someone?

All: OH, yeah...MATTIE!!

Author: No, you incompetent inaccurate inconsistent inconsiderate inflatable inadequate ironic irrational itchy imbecils!!

Jahar: Hmmmm, inflatable and itchy, GREAT disses!

Believer: Who could we possibly be forgetting? Oh, wait...


~Dean Cain flies in~

Dean Cain: WHAT now?

Sidney: To a par-tay would you like to come?

Dean Cain: Hmmmm...okey dokie!

Believer: Pokey smokey!

Mulder: That's getting old.

Believer: Yeah, well so are you! You're 39 now, aren't you? Almost 40...almost over the hill...

Mulder: Quiet you.

Author: Forget it. I don't want to come anyways.

Jahar: Who invited you?

Author: NO ONE!! That's the point! No one cares, no one cares!!!!

~The Author climbs into a plot hole crying about his loneliness.~

Believer: Okay, I sent out the invitations.

Jahar: Already?

Pigeon: There's a noodle in my shoe!!!

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