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Jahar9's Lair

Where does Believer find all these pictures?
Halt! You are about to enter the abyss of Jahar9's Lair. And by the way, what are you doing way up there? Yes, you, the one Mulder and Scully are aiming their guns at. Wait, don't jump! "I wish you'd step back from that ledge my friend. We could cut ties, with all the lies that you've been living in." Oh, oops, went off into my own little world again. (-:

(Last Updated: 3-1-2000) Bwaaahahahahaa! I finally got this moved over from Fortunecity. Aren't you all proud of me? Of course you are. I can feel the love. ::smiles insanely:: However, bad vibes are coming from my bookbag, man. My homiework calls. (-; ~Jahar9 the LoloFunny

Past Updates (as if you really care):
(5-11-99)Yes, I'm back, and I've messed with my little home again. Like the Picture? I know Believer does. Where does she find all these? Lol. OKies, I'd better go restart my computer like Sidney's telling me. ~J9 the one and only
(5-8-99) Na na na nana nana...BATMAN! OK, I've updated my own little home here. Well, not really, I just typed this, and add the..da da da daaaaaaaa! POWER RANGERS MUSIC!! Oh, it came from here if you want to search around for it. Today is May 8, 1999. The time is 8:01. You're right, I have absolutely no life at all! Yupperoo! What will I ever do if my precious computer breaks? Hmm, probably nothing. OH, and BTW, on the contrary to what I type, I am not stuck up, at least I don't think I am. I try to be friendly, I really do! I just type weird stuff, and sometimes it sounds wrong. Oh, and if you haven't noticed yet, I am really annoying until you get used to me, then I get extremely annoying. Just ask Pigeon. Hmm, that could be a talk show. Just Ask Pigeon. Or a column in a newspaper. Hmm *drifts off into lala land* "Dear Pigeon, I fell down the stairs today, and I think I have a concussion. You see, I yelled for help, and now this weirdo that calls himself Dean Cain won't leave me alone. Sincerely, Helpless. Well now helpless, looks like you have your wierdos crossed. You see, there are only so many weirdos, and Dean Cain is not one of us. And, he has an obsessiong with helping people, watch out. Looks like a job for....Mulder and Scully!" OK, so that probably wouldn't be the way it would go, but oh well. Interesting whichever way. Pigeon giving out adivce, that'll be the day. Yuppers.

Welcome to my wonderful home on the official WEIRDO page! Ha hah haha! Note my obsessions, I have lots. Oh, and by the way, the number 9 is AWESOME! It is! And so is this page, is it not? Yupperoo. OK, now for a proper introduction. I am Jahar9 (shhh, my real name is a secret). I created the Weirdo board, because we abused my Animorphs board. (-; I also like backwards smileys! And no, I'm not a lefty. Nothing against them though. Lefty's are cool. But the number 9 is awesome! Higher than 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0, and all those goofy negative numbers that you can't even get the square root of! How rediculous is that?! Did you know 9 is the highest single digit number? That's why it's so cool. It's also the date of my birthday, and it's my bus number, and my baseball number. OK, I'll just shut up now. But the number 9 is so cool! Okies, now to add some kind of meaning to my page, this small, but large space on the net.

This page is mine! Oh, and I get to update too! Pigeon has to too. Humph! I said I was going to add meaning, didn't I? OK, umm, Deathmatches! Cheese is like butter only different! Umm, do you think a thing can be like it's opposite? I think that's a good question. Oh, I know what weirdo stands for! OK, so it's stupid, and I think I want to change r and i, but oh well, I'll go stick it on the main page and leave all the innocents alone. I bet you're sorry you came here now. Oh, and see that guy down there? Yes, Yoda. Yoda rules! Yup-yep!
Rules Yoda does. The Mighty Dangling Participle he uses well!