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Pigeon's Page
I float like a ton of bricks, sting like a pillow! I AM the Pigeon!
Okay, we're undergoing major changes here. If you've been to Believer's page, or even Jahar's for that matter, I'm not all X-filish, but I'm having trouble on what to update, so I guess I'll just totally change it whenever I want because I have the Powa! Yeah! I'll be back! (I just wasn't being weird enough above, so I had to make up for it, it IS a weirdo page...)
There's a noodle in my shoe!!!!
There's a noodle in my shoe, there's a noodle in my shoe! Doodly do! Howdy do Lacie-poo! lol, I'm so smart, and funny, and great, and cool, and I'm just full of myself right now, so don't mind me!! Ummm, I don't know what else to say...okay, um, go down.
Llama-mia! Eet's da llamamower!
Hi, I'm Peggy Sue, no, not one of Pigeon's little people, whatever you call those people who live in your head. I talk with a Southern accent and you can find me on infomercials advertising the llamamower. Okay, that's all for now. Mmmm, now that's a spicy mower!
Just look at all that grass needing to be mowed!! The Llamamower to the rescue!!!
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