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(Wacky. Ecstatic. Insane. Rowrowrowyourboat. Demented. Oddities.)
Entering: The Weirdo Zone
*Weirdo music plays in background*

Hello! And welcome to the World Wide Weirdo (WWW) Page. If you stay around here, you may end up very very strange indeed, guaranteed. So why not go below and check out some of our Weirdo links? You may just be surprised at the amount of insanity six teenage girls and one guy (don't wanna leave out Nwebie!) can have. Be afraid. Be very afraid indeed. Before we leave you, we'd like to give you a friendly reminder... SIGN THE GUESTBOOK AND VOTE ON THE POLL OR NWEBIE WILL EAT YOU!!! And now, for the quotes:

" "

Updates, stardate 7/22/2001
Well, for some reason I feel terribly alone.. And in everyone else's absense, I've taken the time ti go even more insane than I was, and add more to the end of the WCDM than there was before.. just because I can. I'm trying really hard to get everyone back together before Sidney has to go off to college, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen real soon. So, just keep an eye out for us, and if anyone actually reads this... HI!! ::skips off singing strange songs backwards::

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Oig. Also, Foo. Jahar's name is
Lolo, and Sidney's name is Foof.

So, here's the links and stuff:

Pigeon's Page,
Sidney's Page
Jahar9's Site or Jahar9's W.E.I.R.D.O Page

And, as always, the weirdly irreverant Celebrity Death Matches and The First Official Weirdo Story strike again! (Dun dun dunnnnnn) Along with our newly no longer new-ish Yahoo Club that IS open to anyone and everyone weird, wacky, quirky, or zany. And if you ever get really bored, you can always browse our Official Weirdo Page of Official Weirdo Official Stuff. And... For the first time ever, you can also vote on our official W.E.I.R.D.O. poll: What Would You Eat For $1,000?.

We believe!
This is a poster. Nothing more, nothing less. We believe in this poster. Do you believe? If you believe, click here to go to the official page of Believer. Thank you for your time.
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Click on the picture below to go insane (if you aren't already). Thank you for your time and cheese.