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Welcome to W.E.I.R.D.O.
Celebrity Death Match!

(Updated 5/20/2000)

    Now, you may be wondering, just what is a Celebrity Death Match? Or rather, a W.E.I.R.D.O. Celebrity Death Match. Well, all in all, it is the work of three (PK and Pigeon did add once each though, so I guess that makes 5) teenage girls who should be in a mental institution at this moment. But that place was BORING. So, we broke out and got online instead. No padded walls for us, nope nope nope! We just hopped on out of there on Yoda-flavored Toaster Struddle Bunnnnies. And Sidney the Multi-Colored Armadillo, in all her glorious wisdom, decided to make a spoof off of MTV's Celebrity DeathMatch. So, we created seven rounds (and one surprise round), featuring people we consider to be celebrities, and here they are! So, sit back, relax, and tighten up your straight jacket, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

One quick note before we send you off, though. ::everyone thunks Jahar for interrupting again:: (-: You may notice that some of the WCDMs are in different colors. No, we weren't just trying for a little variety. There is, in fact, a semi-method to some of our madness. The great and wonderful Jahar has color-coded some of the Deathmatches for your convenience and so everyone can see how much she has contributed. The colors are as follows: Jahar9, Believer, Sidney, PK, and anything left in the traditional white is an addition no one could figure out. In other words, no one wanted to claim it. No guarantee on colors, inperfections add to character of garment, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Jahar, who is inept and currently referring to herself in the 3rd person, has thoroughly messed up the HTML, even though it looks fine on her computer. Apparently it's terribly terrible on Netscape and won't work on YSU's computers (which happen to be IBM's, so I naturally can't blame it on Macs like I usually do ;-).

Get ready for...
Celebrity DeathMatch!!!

And, since some people ::everyone turns around and glares at Jahar.. again:: have been complaining about having to go through every CDM in order to get to the most recent one... (Hey! It's only convenient!) here are the rest of the links!

 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 1
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 2
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 3
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 4
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 5
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 5.5
 Werido Celebrity DeathMatch 6
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 7
 Weirdo Celebrity DeathMatch 7 (continued)